Our clients are from
many backgrounds

Many are not coping in times of
crisis. This is how we help them.


Our Clients

Our Clients

  • may be homeless or in unstable accommodation;
  • have poor access to established services;
  • suffer from low self-esteem or abuse issues;
  • have often been forced out of home in their early teens;
  • have low educational outcomes, often due to homelessness;
  • may have turned to crime to survive;
  • have been dumped by other services (due to guidelines or other issues).


Two sisters, 19 & 21. One had 2 children, the other pregnant.

They were homeless, and living in a car. YouthCARE Canberra found and paid for emergency accommodation, had their priority lifted for community housing.

We assisted with the house set up, including providing kitchen goods.

A girl 16. Her family had broken up unexpectedly.

She was living in a car, although she was too young to drive it with her pet dog, the only loved item she could save from home.

YCC found a place where she could be have her dog and attempted to find bridges back to home. Food provided as well as assistance with obtaining access to Government services.

Young man 16. He has lived in Tuggeranong Park and friends’ couches since he was 12.

YCC helped him find transport and immediate needs to facilitate taking up an apprenticeship.