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YCC's Zack Bryers Named Young Australian Of The Year

YCC's Zack Bryers Named Young Australian Of The Year

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The name Zack Bryers is one we have become accustomed to hearing lately - he has become a household name at YouthCARE Canberra (YCC), and for good reason. Zack is not only YCC’s first fulltime outreach worker, but he has recently been named the 2018 ACT Young Australian of the Year.

He received his latest accolade at the National Portrait Gallery on Monday night - another success that Zack can add on to his growing list of achievements. Earlier this year, Zack was part of the Churchill Fellowship, where he went and worked with at-risk youths in the United States. Prior to joining the YCC team, he was a solider in Afghanistan and then represented Australia in gridiron.

Zack’s own struggles with youth homelessness have helped him to exceed with helping Canberra’s youth, which he does on a day to day basis. He says he is able to help teens find employment, accommodation, overcome drug addictions and attend court or hospital with them as he knows first-hand the low self-esteem that you have when you have grown up in the gutter.

“We are so proud to have Zack in our YouthCARE Canberra team” says YouthCARE Canberra Chair Paul Kane. “He is a great real role model and a prime example of how you can turn your life around when you start to believe in yourself. Zack is a huge asset to not only YCC, but to Canberra in general. He is very deserving of this award”.

At 28, Zack has already achieved so many of his goals, and he looks to have an even brighter future ahead. 

Image credit: Canberra Times